WSS: Microsoft Windows SharePoint Services:

WSS is a web application that provides functions for information exchange within a team.  WSS is available free of charge for users of Windows Server 2003.

MOSS: Microsoft Office SharePoint Server.

MOSS is based on WSS and expands its functionality.

TYPO3: TYPO3 is an open PHP framework for the creation of websites.

SharePoint Connector:

SharePoint Connector is a PHP application, which provides functions of Microsoft
SharePoint on your TYPO3 website. SharePoint Connector requires WSS Version 3.

SharePoint Connector offer a clear licence model, is easily adjustable and affordable.

SharePoint Connector Frontend features:

  •  Flexible configuration for SharePoint lists and libraries
  • Single download
  • Multiple download of baskets and/or folders
  • Image conversion and resizing
  • SharePoint access rights
  • SharePoint Workfl ows
  • SharePoint Versioning
  • SharePoint Attachments
  • Flexible Response forms to store userrequests in SharePoint lists
  • fulltext search

SharePoint Connector Backend features:

  • Synchronization of web images
  • Real-time meta data in repository
  • browser (e.g. status, keywords, description
  • etc.)
  • Synchronization of any SharePoint list
  • Mapping of SharePoint lists and fields
  • on TYPO3 lists and fields



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