Calender and News

SharePoint Connector provides direct access to synchronised SharePoint
files from the TYPO3 content management system.

The calendar shows internal appointments in the SharePoint intranet calendar and public dates for events in your TYPO3 website on the internet.
Even synchronisation of your public events from your website into SharePoint is possible.

Current announcements can be created in SharePoint and run an approval workflow, to be prepared to the publication on your website.


Example of Application: Direct Publishing of Current News

Publish Current News in SharePoint – and at the Same Time on Your Website!

SharePoint Connector enables you to publish News lists on your public website, which are maintained in SharePoint, without delay!

SharePoint Connector does not only help publishing news articles, it also supports you especially when quick and seamless distributions of new entries on the website are essential – Major premises for keeping content up-to-date and to achieve a good ranking in search engines!

The following functions facilitate your work:

  • Product search
  • Entries for title, subtitle, author, date and product text
  • Extendable arrays
  • Parsis of Sharepoint RTE text and images

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