Phases in the SharePoint project

Four phases to reach the designated target

To show you what awaits you, we summarised the most important corner marks of SharePoint Connector into four phases.

Phase 1: Definition of requirements
Which SharePoint content is supposed to be published on your website?

  • Application: Wow is your SharePoint and your TYPO3 used to date?
  • Redundancy: Which content do you maintain double, on in your SharePoint as
  • well as in your TYPO3 CMS?
  • Extension: What additional content from your intranet would you like to publish on your website?

Phase 2: System analysis
Which technologies do you use so far?

  • SharePoint: Which SharePoint system do you use?
  • MOSS or WSS?
  • TYPO3: Which TYPO3 version and extensions do you use?
  • Security: Where are your intranet and your website located and which
  • safety requirements apply?


Phase 3: Suggested solution
How can your SharePoint content be published with more effi ciency in the

  • Scope: Which existing or desired content should be published with SharePoint Connector?
  • Efficiency: How can the publication with SharePoint Connector be implemented technically?
  • Potential: Which qualitative improvements and cost savings are expectable?


Phase 4: Realisation
Your SharePoint will be connected to your TYPO3 website via SharePoint Connector.

  • SharePoint: If required, document libraries and lists are created.
  • TYPO3: Installation and configuration of SharePoint Connector
  • extensions for rendition of SharePoint content.
  • Connectivity: Creation of a connection between SharePoint and TYPO3
  • server.



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