Appointment and Event Management

In a public calendar on the TYPO3 website, important appointments and events can be published. The management of the data records takes place in the SharePoint Calendar of your intranet. This calendar can also be implemented into Outlook and dates for events can be published from there.

Via SharePoint Connector events can directly be published from the calendar in SharePoint on the event area on your website, but the data exchange also works bidirectional: SharePoint Connector offers adjustable templates that can be used to put in dates on the TYPO3 website, which are a synchronized with the SharePoint data records. That enables a central and up-to-date management directly in SharePoint of e.g. registrations for a workshop.

Example of Application: Consistent Event Management

  • SharePoint Connector Events enables you to use your Outlook or SharePoint calendar for events directly on your public website.
  • SharePoint Connector Events – Inscribe a new event into your calendar and it appears on your event list on your website straight away!
  • SharePoint Connector Events tracks all changes that are made on your calendar like date, time, or title of the event. The changes appear on your event page without delay.
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