What is the SPTools SharePoint connector?
SPTools SharePoint connector

=> Output of SharePoint documents and information via TYPO3

=> Access to SharePoint content via the internet

SPTools is the SharePoint Connector for TYPO3 and consists of two basic components: SPToolsCore and SPToolsFlex

The SharePoint Connector SPToolsFlex application and TYPO3 Extension integrate Sharepoint files and information in the TYPO3 CMS for Editor and Visitor access. SharePoint Connector offers access to any sharepoint data with a TYPO3, gives editors access to Sharepoint files in the TYPO3 CMS backend and is able to synchronize Sharepoint lists with TYPO3 lists.

SharePoint Connector SPToolsCore is the compiled PHP application.
It enables access and date exchange on the Microsoft Office SharePoint
SharePoint Connector SPToolsFlex is the interface to the CMS.

The TYPO3 plug-in allows direct access to SharePoint list elements from the TYPO3 backend. Thereby the output data and information can be controlled via the standard TYPO3 marker in the template.
You can only win by combining SharePoint with TYPO3:
• Efficient information management lowers running costs
• Central data records avoid unnecessary redundancy
• CMS integration enables fast publishing of information
• Bidirectional information flow facilitates better cooperation with the team and the customer

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