SPTools integrates SharePoint with TYPO3 DAM

SPTools, the SharePoint connector for TYPO3, now integrates with TYPO3 DAM, the Digital Asset Management extensions of the TYPO3 content management system.

The DAM is a library of pictures, video fragments and documents which can be described by meta tags and meta information for better searching. As SharePoint already is a succesful document management system, integration of the two by SPTools makes sense. 

Integration Digital Asset Management in TYPO3

With the latest version of SPTools, documents and files can be synchronized between SharePoint and DAM. If DAM is not available in your TYPO3 website, you can install it or SharePoint can synchronize with the existing file module instead.

After synchronization with SharePoint the title, key words, description and category information are available in DAM.

SharePoint Foundation and SharePoint Server 2010

This version of SPTools is suitable for the newer SharePoint Foundation and SharePoint Server 2010. However, WSS and MOSS are also still supported.

Authentication through NTLM

Optional authentication through NTLM (NT Lan Manager). This is an authentication protocol of Microsoft for network environments. Although Microsoft prefers Active Directory with better Kerberos authentication, NTLM is still widely used for networks where a domain controller is not available or not reachable. 

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