SharePoint connector Q&A

Is SharePoint Connector suitable for you?

10 questions which help you to come to the right decision:

  1. Do you have an intranet system based on MS SharePoint Server 2007 or Services 3.0?
  2. Do you employ the Opensource-CMS TYPO3 as a parallel tool to Sharepoint?
  3. Do you wonder whether there is an easy way to combine the two systems?
  4. Do you update the course and event dates with Sharepoint and would like to easily publish the dates on your TYPO3 site?
  5. Do you have news and information which are also appealing to customers and business partners and therefore you want to effi ciently publish the details on your TYPO3 site?
  6. Do you administer images (e.g. of products, etc.) with Sharepoint and also show some of them on your internet site?
  7. Do you create, process and administer presentations and documentations with Sharepoint some of which are intended to be posted on your internet pages?
  8. Do you prefer an integrated data base without double entries?
  9. Do you publish current versions of specifi c documents for download on your internet site?
  10. Do you want to try SharePoint Connector without any commitment?


10 answers which help you to come to the right decision:


  1. If you employ MS SharePoint Server 2007 or Services 3.0v you can optimize many workfl ows with SharePoint Connector.
  2. At present SharePoint Connector supports the integration of TYPO3.
  3. SharePoint Connector allows to call up and use contents of different Sharepoint lists with TYPO3 directly.
  4. With SharePoint Connector you enter your public appointments not only into SharePoint, but also into your CMS on your TYPO3 site.
  5. With SharePoint Connector current pieces of news which are updated with SharePoint are easily transferred to your TYPO3 site.
  6. SharePoint Connector also helps to save time with managing image data. Images are administered centralized and can be retrieved in TYPO3.
  7. The same is true for office files and image fi les, many office file types are available for customer download and are easily kept up to date in Sharepoint.
  8. With SharePoint Connector double entries in Sharepoint and TYPO3 are history.
  9. SharePoint Connector integration is easy and consistent accordingly you can quickly find the correct fi le and current version.
  10. Check out the SharePoint Connector installation without any commitment by means of a guided tour, just make an appointment: contact our webmaster.
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