Document Management

Example of Application: Document Management and Supply of Document Bundles

Document Browser
The SharePoint Connector MediaBrowser is an extension for your TYPO3 Backend. It enables you, for example, to integrate a TYPO3 “text with image” element from your image manager (SharePoint Connector Images) of your
Microsoft Office SharePoint Server. The fault-prone and time consuming manual
copying of fi les between different networks and systems is not necessary

Document Bundles
MS SharePoint offers to manage different types of fi le as a “Document Bundle”
collectively. This enables to provide design templates, e.g. Adobe Illustrator
or Microsoft PowerPoint, together with certain fonts. This is especially helpful
when a different agency is delegated to create a presentation. The agency can
download the required template files from the TYPO3 website. Depending on
the needs, the complete data record or only fonts can be downloaded. To
simplify the procedure, the demanded files are compressed to a ZIP file before

Consistent Data Quality
Within a protected area, important Microsoft Office document templates and
documents, as well as PDF files, can be made accessible for download to certain
users. These documents are not managed in TYPO3, but in the SharePoint system within the intranet. The original Word and PowerPoint documents are updated and versioned in Microsoft Office. When saving changes in Word or PowerPoint, the updated files are automatically implemented into the SharePoint system in the intranet. With the help of SharePoint Connector
the updated and saved document can be made available for download on the TYPO3 website.

SharePoint Workflows and Document approval
The maintenance of document directly in SharePoint offers diverse advantages. E.g. for approval procedures an automated SharePoint workfl ow can be defined. Rollbased author/managing editor workflow including versioning ensures high quality of text.
The approved documents can be made accessible in the TYPO3 intranet for external colleagues with a login protection.

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