Advantages of SharePoint Connector

Which advantages are offered by employing SharePoint Connector?

Improvement of corporate communications.
Corporate communication is a vast field for software developers. Every company
has its own processes for organizing appointments, administration and editing of documents, etc. that need to be released by different hierarchy levels before being published.


Seamless Integration
Mapping and supporting workflows in corporate software is not only a complex
task, but also a large market for software producers like Microsoft and other
global players. For the purposes mentioned above, Microsoft offers the Share-
Point Server und SharePoint Services.

SharePoint supports the organization of documents and the coordination of deadlines and calendars. Those applications are implemented seamlessly into the user interface. In a lot of medium-size companies as well as larger international companies a SharePoint solution exists in the intranet, while the public websites are operated by the OpenSource CMS of TYPO3.


Easier Publishing
Usually making content from SharePoint available on the corporate website
means extra costs for licenses or the content needs be copied individually and
pasted to the web server, which takes more time and leads to higher costs as
well. Data has to be saved locally, before it can be pasted into the TYPO3 CMS.

Dates to point out activities with public participation have to be pasted manually
from Outlook calendars into TYPO3. An enrolment for such activities is usually
done via online forms on the website, but to book the according venues the
data needs to be exported from the TYPO3 CMS to SharePoint to be used in
the intranet. That also happens manually.


Optimised Workflow with SharePoint Connector
SharePoint Connector begins where most of the optimising potential is located. The automated information exchange is not only faster than the manual procedure; it is also more resistant against mistakes.

This lowers costs and risks of manual data exchange. SharePoint functions like
versioning of information or approval workfl ows are available in addition.


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