Sharepoint Connector

Microsoft Sharepoint is widely used as a document management system where TYPO3 is widely used as a content management system. Often both are being used by the same companies and organizations, so it made sense to connect those two products.

SharePoint TYPO3 connector

Now a connector between Sharepoint and TYPO3 is available, making it possible to display documents in TYPO3 internet and intranet environments which are placed in Sharepoint and worked on in regular office environments with Word, Excel and Powerpoint. 

Sharepoint 2 TYPO3 Connector enables the publication of Microsoft Office documents, like Microsoft Word, via a SharePoint server on the TYPO3 website of your company. This works either with a Microsoft Office SharePoint Server (MOSS) or with Microsoft Windows SharePoint Services (WSS).

Sharepoint 2 TYPO3 Connector facilitates your daily workflow by enabling Office documents to be integrated into a SharePoint and to be provided in the latest version on your TYPO3 website on request. This dispenses the necessity to maintain and supply files on a number of occasions. This saves you time and money, because it works with all types of documents and files that can be managed via a SharePoint, e.g. MS Word, PowerPoint, Excel, but also pdf
files and even image files in several formats like PSD (Photoshop),

Thereby all older document versions are retained – also in TYPO3. This SharePoint functionality is conveyed into your CMS by Sharepoint 2 TYPO3 Connector.

Sharepoint 2 TYPO3 Connector enable an efficient document management
and a central administration and distribution of image files, documents, appointments and information from the intranet directly on your TYPO3 website.

Events and appointments can be published on your website as easy as an Outlook calendar.

This Sharepoint to TYPO3 connector (SP2T3) is now available for selected partners.

If you are interested to know more about this product, please contact our webmaster.

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