Monitoring TYPO3 with Caretaker
Monitoring TYPO3 with Caretaker

The Caretaker is an extension for TYPO3 4.3 which is able to monitor other TYPO3 installations. The caretaker is installed on a separate TYPO3 installation and can monitor other TYPO3 installations. 

This way you can do "external" tests which are without any external interference like a ping or a vulnerability. Also tests that interact directly with the installation.

A TYPO3 installation is a mix of a current TYPO3-core version, TYPO3-setup through typoscript and extensions which makes every installation different from another.

Therefore it is difficult to automatically detect the health of a TYPO3 installation, especially when new security concerns arise or different systems, extensions or partners are interacting. Currently available system-monitoring software, like Nagios, can check the hardware state and much more of the underlying server system, but not the proper setup of TYPO3 and the correct function of the whole website.

Encryption ensures a safe way of communication between the TYPO3 system with the caretaker on it and the TYPO3 installation you want to monitor. With the basic functionality a back-end user can do a blacklist check, examine the TYPO3 version and locate critical extensions. The tests are available as TYPO3 service and are easy to extend / complement. 

 After looking at current monitoring systems the development team wants to implement the following features:

1 - Testing and monitoring of remote TYPO3 installations (core, setup and extensions)

2 - Include integration tests (based on Selenium)

3 - Flexible and comfortable management of tests as TYPO3-records

4 - Extensibility of the whole system.

Currently, there is no version in TER still to be determined and it takes a couple of days until there is a stable development. But in the TYPO3 Forge you can already follow the project:



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