GeoCMS for TYPO3 presentation
GeoCMS for TYPO3 presentation at T3CON11 in San Francisco.

Last year Dutch TYPOTYCOON Partner alterNET started a cooperation with GIS (Geographic Information System) market leader ESRI to develop a user friendly webbased application for the creation of interactive geographic mini maps by people who have no GIS background.

Currently they have developed the first version of GeoCMS, which makes it possible to create maps with maplayers from GIS data provided by ESRI's arcGIS.

An editor is able to make his own maps by using select fields to select maplayers which are placed on top of the map. When the editor has made his selection he can save this selection and use it within his content management system (like TYPO3).

The web based application uses a front end interface and is built using TYPO3 as an application framework.

In the presentation at the T3CON11 in San Francisco, alterNET will demonstrate the product, which is called GeoCMS. They will show how it works as an application, and the way TYPO3 is being used. They will also share with you how they handled this cooperation between a closed source company and alterNET as an open source company. Finally they will share with you the future development of GeoCMS.

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