Free templates for TYPO3

Use of a TYPO3 package

You don't have to build your new TYPO3 site from scratch anymore as there are several interesting packages out there, that will ease that task for you.

An existing template accompanied by a preconfigured typoscript setup will make your work a lot easier. Not only for a simple website, but also advanced projects can benefit from an organized setup to start your project with.

You can choose from the following initiatives, and they are:

- the WEC starter package from the Web Empowered Church team

- the Templavoila package from Ron Hall at

Thanks to the great work of the WEC the package from Ron has been tarnsformed into an extension, so it can be used on top of a dummy package:

Also very interesting, are the free TYPO3 templates from TYPO3coder.
They can be found here:

These TYPO3 templates are based on the free CSS based templates from:

To learn more about the differences and the advantages, please login to our website to read the full report.


Free TYPO3 templates

The WEC team has a starter package and they have a set of free templates for your new TYPO3 website included. For your convenience we made a setup of all the free TYPO3 templates on

Many thanks go to the WEC team that wanted to work with us on this subject.



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