TYPO3 bug day

TYPO3 bug day

TYPO3 bug day

What is TYPO3 Bug Day

The motivation for having a Bug Day is to foster community outreach and growth. Therefore we introduced a day that is dedicated to:

  • Bug triage
  • Guiding new developers in submitting patches

Because TYPO3 core developers don't have all the free time in the world (that would be awesome though), some bugs tend to enter the nirvana without some coordinated effort to keep up with them. Bug days help keep bug-fixing on the radar and provide a great lightweight opportunity for contributors to help.

For now that day is meant to take place on the last Friday of every month. If there's demand for more we might even shift that to a bi-weekly schedule.

In the end, this should help users and developers feel closer to the core developers that help drive TYPO3. This also provides the opportunity for constant contributors to even attain core developer status over time!

Also check the FAQ!


Upcoming TYPO3 BugDays

  • October 31th, 2008
  • November 28th, 2008

Possible Topics for Bug Days

Each Bug Day will/should follow a certain topic, here's a list of possible topics:

  • general bug triage
  • longest open bugs
  • most activity bugs
  • looking for duplicates
  • fixing bugs
  • bugs in certain areas, like installer, backend, UI, gremlins, ...
  • bugs that have patches
  • testing pending patches in the core list

How Bug Days work

When Bug Day is on join us on irc://irc.freenode.net/#typo3-bugday, also put your name on the participants list for that Bug Day in the wiki.

Go to the TYPO3 bugtracker and select the core project from drop down in the top right corner. Then set a filter to show only bugs that are not closed or resolved yet.

Now the important thing is that you post every issue number you're working on to the IRC channel. This way the moderators can keep track of what is being worked on and others are also avoided from doing double work. Also add the bugs you worked on to the participants list in the wiki, so that we can track the results for each Bug Day.

To triage bugs do the following:

  • check whether the description for a bug is precise, complete, and understandable
  • check whether you can reproduce the bug with the latest stable and maybe also old stable versions of TYPO3
  • leave a comment about your findings
  • complete the description for a bug if necessary
  • update a bug's information directly if you have the rights to do so
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