TYPO3 KE stats

This extension provides statistics for TYPO3.


Main features are:

  1. Supports Extension statistics. Support for tt_news, ke_troubletickets, ke_yac, and commerce is built in. Easy to adapt for other extensions. To make this clear: You not only know how often a singleview-page has been called, but also how often a certain news-element or shop-product has been viewed.

  2. Integrates well into TYPO3: Supports frontend users, different languages and page types.

  3. Detailed reports for each page and subpages.

  4. Adaptable for other extension by typoscript and PHP-API.


More Features:

  1. Counts pageviews and visits for TYPO3 pages.

  2. Counts search engines, search words, browsers, operating systems etc.

  3. Shows a live visitor tracking (disabled by default for performance reasons).

  4. Does not count if a backend user is logged in (configuration option).

  5. Counts correctly even if you use a TYPO3 page as a ajax page. (That means, that these pages aren't counted.)

  6. Chart rendering (at least for the overview page at the moment).

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