Solr for TYPO3

Searching your content and documents in TYPO3 can be done by several search engines and the most popular is still the indexed search. With the webcrawler extension added to the IS you can also search in other websites or parts of a website or database that are not build into TYPO3, but needs to be searchable.

The second solution is Mnogo search, a fast and reliable search engine, but unfortunately the search engine cannot keep track of the user rights in TYPO3 and therefore only displays public content.

Now there is also the solr available through an extension in TYPO3 and as everyone can make his or her own extension we can now choose between the extension made by dkd, a German TYPO3 agency and the extension made by Srijan, an Indian TYPO3 agency.

Apart form that, alterNET, a TYPO3 agency in the Netherlands, has made an integration with the Microsoft Search Server or BING Light, as they are used to call it.

So again, a lot of choice in the open source world and the Darwin way of survival of the fittest will decide which one will become the most popular search solution on TYPO3 websites.


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