fluid: "a substance that can easily move and change shape", says Wikipedia.

In a better way the core of the Fluid Template Engine, which is already running under TYPO3 4.3x and already is giving insight on the possibilities of prospective TYPO3 5, could not be described. 

Together with the TYPO3 extension Extbase, programmers can already develop extensions in view of TYPO3 5 and use them with TYPO3 4.3.x. The simple transferring on TYPO3 5, the new landmark in the TYPO3 (success)story can therefore be guaranteed. 

We have gathered this possibility and have prepared SPTools for Fluid and Extbase.

The result is called SPToolsand will also be presented on the T3CON in Dallas from 20. to 22. of Mai 2010.  

For the use of SPTools this means, that in the future it will be even easier and ecven be possible to react faster on requirements of the output of SharePoint content to TYPO3. Parallel effort for HTML design and PHP programming will drop out: all adaptions and modifications can be realized in the templates, in a fluid way!  

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