Project T3 Reorg

TYPO3 project T3reorg

TYPO3 project T3reorg

It works like this:

T3REORG is coordinated by Rasmus Skjoldan involving all TYPO3 specialized agencies who would like to contribute to the development of so-called 'packages' (a.k.a. sub projects defined & distributed by the coordinator). The volunteering agencies will contribute by granting days of development, content-writing, testing, designing etc. to the project - or by donating.

Freelancers or students who would like to contribute to the project should just find an involved agency through which they can help out. The agencies willing to take action will have signed a small contract between the contributing parties to help the coordinator easily distribute all the many packages and tasks required for the project to run smoothly.


More agencies are very welcome and can contact Rasmus Skjoldan to get to know more about how to contribute. During the first phases of the relaunch there will be a natural limit to how many can be involved at once, yet the project will basically have to go on - also beyond the launch. So feel free and very welcome to join the project at any time. The specifications about what needs to be done & when will then just be coordinated along the way.

Communication within the community

We will post a work blog (and hopefully also a couple of podcasts) about the thoughts behind the comprehensive project. We plan to use this special collaborative structure to show to the world what we are able to do in the TYPO3 community when we work well together. It should become a strong website case in itself, showcasing what's powerful about TYPO3.

The project communication will currently not take place on mailing lists but between agencies involved and the project coordinator. Commenting on the progess, sharing suggestions and contributing with ideas will instead be open on the work blog to facilitate an extensive discussion between all those with interest in the future

The project is obviously large and complex - and it will need lots of community-backed motivation and commitment. We hope everyone will support the undertaking in every way to enable the development of a new online presence for the entire TYPO3 project.

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