When your website is finished, you can start the Search Engine Optimization process. Here are a few steps to give you an idea of how we do that.

1. Real URL

Install realurl to change all the page ID's into nice looking and readable URL's.

There are two alternatives for using RealURL and they are SimulateStatic which is configured from within the Install Tool or the CoolURI extension. We however prefer the RealURL extension.

2. Image Real URL

Install fl_realurl_image to generate an easy readable url and an alternative text for each image that is generated.

3. Basic SEO features

Install seo_basics to put keyword information in your TYPO3 site. The extension introduces a separate field for title-tag per page, easy keywords and description editing as well as a Google Sitemap (XML) and a clean output in the HTML Header.

With this extension there is no need for an extra “google sitemap” extension, no need for an extra “metatags” extension or the source optimizer.

4. Now spend some time to fill in meta tags, title tags and use the SEO manager under the web > info which is installed by the seo basics extension. The color in the screen gives you an idea if you are on the right track.

5. Open a Google Account and upload your sitemap.xml in the Google Webmaster Tools. Also open a Google Analytics account and generate a Google Analytics code for use in your website in step 7.

6. Statistics

To measure the results on your site, install ke_stats. This extension provides statistics for TYPO3: pageviews/visits, live visitor tracking and extension statistics. Supports fe_users, languages and page types. Support for tt_news and commerce is built in. Easy to adapt to other extensions.

An alternative to KE stats is AW stats, which is built in Perl.

7. Analytics.

Analyze your website to improve your website. Please consider that web statistics and web analytics are not the same and by installing mono_ga you install a module for inserting Google Analytics code to your web page.

If you have questions, please contact us.





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