SES 21
SES 21
SES 21 uses SPTools

SES 21 (Solar Energy Services 21) AG from Oderding near Weilheim in Upper Bavaria (Germany) is one of the leading photovoltaic companies in Germany.

After SES 21 has launched their new website with TYPO3 as CMS Solution last year and has decided to use Microsoft SharePoint Services for their intranet, a useful and effective connection had do be established.

With this connection it should be possible to publish product information from the SharePoint to the TYPO3 website. Download material for customers coming from the SharePoint intranet and available in the extranet part of the TYPO3 website and also the possibility of uploading documents from the TYPO3 frontend and having them available on the SharePoint for further manipulation. A case for SPTools! 

The implementation of this project was done by CCDS-Konzept from Germany.

You can visit the website of SES 21 here.

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